Holy Crap

Conversations With Body Parts

Knee: Hi there! It's me, Lefty. Remember Me?

Me: Um, yes. I see you every day.

Knee: Do you remember that summer day when you tripped in the woods?

Me: Yes, I was 18 and I needed 12 stitches after I split you on a rock.

Knee: That's right. You were on crutches for a couple of weeks because you couldn't bend me or else the stitches would burst open.

Me: Good times.

Knee: Remember how I would keep in touch by aching on particularly rainy days?

Me: Yes, but it really wasn't so bad. Just a mild twinge.

Knee: Well, I've decided to ramp up and ache all day, every day, rain or shine.

Me: Why you gotta be like that?

Knee: Because I can.

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