Holy Crap

How did he get in?

Every parent of school-age children mentally reviewed his/her school’s security measures. I am fairly sure that most parents could point out any number of mouse holes, big or small.

Schools are supposed to be safe zones. We spend countless budget dollars on anti-bullying programs, but how safe are our buildings? I’m not saying that we need to install metal detectors at every entrance. I am saying that today’s events should initiate a comprehensive review of safety precautions in every district, in every state. Budgets need to be revised to allow for our schools to be safe havens.

I think schools can forgo hand sanitizer and anti-bullying posters next year to make room for security.

  1. girl-detective said: To be honest, I think that’s a bad idea. Schools with security measures tend to become prisons. We don’t need to punish the students, we need to prevent these acts through gun control and better treatment of mental health.
  2. bechase said: mental health care and gun control; security wouldn’t have changed a thing short of building schools like prisons.
  3. totalinnerbitch said: Looks like his Mom worked there. I bet he was let in because of who he was. I’m sure they had no idea what he was about to do.
  4. judgernaut said: His mom worked at the school apparently. I bet he wouldn’t have been questioned, unfortunately.
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