Holy Crap

I know, it’s total crap.

I have an explanation justification. It’s been a very stressful 2 days. The reason for the stress has resolved itself in the best possible way but I still needed to fortify punish myself.

I had to go to the store to order a deli platter for Sunday. Why am I ordering a deli platter for Sunday, which is supposed to be my holiday? I am ordering a deli platter because my adorable mate has decided to entertain his family at our house on my holiday. Ergo, deli platter.

On my way out I saw the buy one, get one FREE sign. It’s like they were practically begging me to take them home.

So, totally having apple pie with chocolate donuts a la mode now.

  1. quickwitter said: Well that makes sense, you just HAD to. Also, sorry that your hosting on your day of celebration.
  2. hiimles said: Mmmmmm Entenmann’s
  3. wolf-of-kings said: Can I come live with you?
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